Murray-Christian Armour

Murray-Christian Armour by J.O.F. Murray, Version 1, Murray-Christian-Armour.gbk_.twm (81 KiB) – Murray’s work, The Christian Armour, was written as Europe was in turmoil and war. He sees parallels between the […]

Brooks-precious-remedies-against-satans-devices Gbk

Brooks-precious-remedies-against-satans-devices Gbk by Thomas Brooks , Version 1, brooks-precious-remedies-against-satans-devices.gbk_.twm (0.3 MiB) – In this 13 chapter work by Brooks (Puritan), Brooks Precious remedies against Satan’s Devices, Brooks examines God’s remedies […]

Powell Satan The Great Deceiver

Powell Satan The Great Deceiver by Powell, Version 1, Powell-Satan-The-Great-Deceiver.gbk_.twm (32 KiB) – Powell Satan The Great Deceiver is my review of the first chapters (download link for full book […]

Unknown-Satan Deceiver

Unknown-Satan Deceiver by unknown, Version 1, unknown-Satan-Deceiver.gbk_.twm (44 KiB) – unknown The Strategy of Satan: The Deceiver is a short work of a half dozen sections (about 34 pgs) which […]

Alsobrook-The Accuser

Alsobrook-The Accuser by David Alsobrook, Version 1, Alsobrook-The-Accuser.gbk_.twm (85 KiB) – Alsobrook The Accuser is a 4 chapter work on various of Satan’s devices to get us to sin and […]

Parsons Believers Victory Over Devils Devices

Parsons Believers Victory Over Devils Devices by Leonard W Parson, Version 1, Parsons-Believers-Victory-over-Devils-Devices.gbk__2.twm (0.3 MiB) – Parsons Believers Victory over Devils Devices is an Episcopal work. Excellent review of Satan’s […]