Rideout-the Deadly fallacy of Adventism

Rideout-the Deadly fallacy of Adventism by George Whitefield Ridout, Version 1, rideout-the-deadly-fallacy-of-adventism.gbk_.twm (0.1 MiB) – Ridout Deadly Fallacy of Seventh-Day Adventism is short 4 chapter work, Deadly Fallacy of Seventh […]

CARM-7day Adventist

CARM-7day Adventist by CARM.org Matt Slick, Version 1, CARM-7day-Adventist.gbk_.twm (0.1 MiB) – CARM-Seventh Day Adventist by Matt Slick is a series of pages on this group as well as their […]

Morales-10 -fundamental-mistakes-of-seventh-day-adventists Gbk

Morales-10 -fundamental-mistakes-of-seventh-day-adventists Gbk by Julio Morales, morales-10-fundamental-mistakes-of-seventh-day-adventists.gbk_.twm (0.3 MiB) – 10 Fundamental Mistakes of Seventh-day Adventists by Morales is a short work which is an overview the glaring problems with […]