Atonement of Christ and Application to Redemption

Atonement of Christ and Application to Redemption by Arnold, Version 2, arnold-redemption-of-christ-redemption-appliedsave.gbk-encrypted.twm (41 KiB) – Contents of Arnold Atonement of Christ Redemption Applied Introduction A. The Atonement of Christ 1. […]


Strauss-Atonement by Richard Lehman Strauss, Version 1, strauss-atonement.gbk_.twm (39 KiB) – This one chapter article is about Christ’s Atonement


Boettner-Atonement by Loraine Boettner, Version 1, boettner-atonement-AIMPres-CIMSoter.gbk_.twm (73 KiB) – Loraine Boettner was Presbyterian, and wrote this work on the Atonement, which explains the significance of Christ’s death in the […]

Grant -Atonement

Grant -Atonement by Grant F.W., Version 1, atonement-by-f-w-grantdrdavet-wordmodules.com_.gbk_.twm (0.4 MiB)