Turretin, Francis – 21 Questions on Doctrine of Scripturev(Dcox)

21 Questions on The Doctrine of Scripture

by Francis Turretin (1623-1687)

00.1 Introduction by Paul Rittman

01 The Necessity of Verbal Revelation

02 The Necessity of Scripture

03 The Divine Imperative of Written Revelation

04 The Authority of Scripture

05 Apparent Contradictions in Scripture

06 The Knowledge of Scriptural Authority

07 The Preservation of the Canon

08 The Canonicity of the Old Testament

09 The Canonicity of the Apocrypha

10 The Purity of the Original Text

11 The Authentic Version of Scripture

12 The Authenticity of the Hebrew Text

13 The Need of Translations

14 The Authenticity of the Septuagint

15 The Authenticity of the Vulgate

16 The Perfection of Scripture

17 The Perspicuity of Scripture

18 The Reading of Scripture

19 The Meaning of Scripture

20 The Supreme Judge of Controversies and the Interpreter of Scripture

21 The Authority of the Fathers

Turretin - 21 Questions On Doctrine Of Scripturev(Dcox) Gbk
Turretin - 21 Questions On Doctrine Of Scripturev(Dcox) Gbk
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Vess {Nazarene}- How to Preach and Teach Holiness

How To Preach And Teach Holiness

vess-arthur holinessTopic: How To Preach And Teach Holiness
By Arthur Vess

In this work by Nazarene author Vess, he examines how we are to “preach and teach_holiness.” The idea he conveys is basically that it should saturate our life, and that we should constantly seek to announce the holiness_of_God in all aspects of our life. It should be lived experientially, scripturally, logically, theologically, boldly and fearlessly, tenderly, practically, definitely, specifically, seriously, with joy and gladness, constantly, evangelistically, by example, etc.

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Vess-a-how-to-preach-and-teach-holiness(holy)(preach){nazarene} Gbk
Vess-a-how-to-preach-and-teach-holiness(holy)(preach){nazarene} Gbk
Version: 1
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Wigram, G.V. – Choice Quotes


Paul thought a great deal of Him. Where could he get water enough to turn that wheel? Water enough to keep his heart fresher and fresher as he went on? Ah! it was from the fountain! It was Christ revealing Himself to him. That and that only, kept Paul’s heart fresh.


Wigram, G V  - Choice Quotes Gbk
Wigram, G V - Choice Quotes Gbk
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Nee, Watchman – Normal Christian Life

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Blood of Christ

Chapter 2: The Cross of Christ

Chapter 3: The Path of Progress: Knowing

Chapter 4: The Path of Progress: Reckoning

Chapter 5: The Divide of the Cross

Chapter 6: The Path of Progress: Presenting Ourselves to God

Chapter 7: The Eternal Purpose

Chapter 8: The Holy Spirit

Chapter 9: The Meaning and Value of Romans Seven

Chapter 10: The Path of Progress: Walking in the Spirit

Chapter 11: One Body in Christ

Chapter 12: The Cross and the Soul Life

Chapter 13: The Path of Progress: Bearing the Cross

Chapter 14: The Goal of the Gospel


Nee, Watchman - Normal Christian Life, The Gbk
Nee, Watchman - Normal Christian Life, The Gbk
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Waterbury, Jared-Considerations for Young Men

The author of the following letters, having been placed, by the providence of God, in circumstances favorable to acquiring a knowledge of the feelings, principles, and habits of young men — has ventured, with dependence on Divine aid, to address them in relation to subjects the most important which can engage their attention. The class of individuals to whom this work is inscribed, namely, those who belong to our principal cities and colleges, are the hope of our country. They embody, in a great degree, the influence which is destined to sway the moral and political interests of the nation. The author is deeply sensible of the responsibility of addressing so large and so respectable a class in the community; but he hopes that a perusal of the following sheets will convince his young readers, that his intentions at least are benevolent. The form of letters was adopted, because it admitted, as the author supposed, greater familiarity and directness; and also, because there is, unhappily, among many, a prejudice against essays, lectures, or sermons.

Let it not be supposed, however, that these letters are intended to displace, or supersede the many valuable sermons and lectures to the young, which are already before the public. Far from it; they are designed as a humble accompaniment. The author intended them as a manual, which the hand of Christian benevolence might offer to a friend, and which the pious parent might commit to a beloved son, upon leaving the paternal roof, for a residence among strangers.

Waterbury, Jared-Considerations For Young Men (wlue777) Gbk
Waterbury, Jared-Considerations For Young Men (wlue777) Gbk
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Oxenden, Ashton – A Happy Old Age

Oxenden, Ashton – A Happy Old Age

All of us sooner or later will become senior citizen. This is a pertinent book for some of us approaching this phase of our life.


Life’s Journey

What is our life?
Life is a Journey, that is soon ended.
Life is a Tale, that is quickly told.
Life is a Day, whose hours roll by apace.
Life is a Vapor, which rises for a while, and then vanishes.
Life is a Flame, that burns for a moment or two, and then flickers, and shortly goes out.
Our little lifetime — oh, how short it is!

And what are your thoughts, my aged friend, about this journey of life? Once you looked upon it as a very different thing from what it appears to you now. Once it seemed to you as if the days of your childhood would never pass away. You longed for manhood or womanhood; but it came very slowly. The early stages of your journey seemed almost endless. And if it had been possible, you would willingly have taken a jump, and sprang into middle life in one bound. But now you look back, and wonder how quickly your life has passed. It seems but yesterday, that you were a child. Old age has crept on, almost without your knowing it.

Oxenden, Ashton - A Happy Old Age (wlue777) Gbk
Oxenden, Ashton - A Happy Old Age (wlue777) Gbk
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Waterbury, Jared-Meditations and Prayers


“There remains therefore a rest for the people of God.” Heb_4:9

The earthly Sabbath is a beautiful, but inadequate, symbol of the rest above. We lay aside our secular business, cease from worldly toil, and repair to the sanctuary, to offer unto God our praises and thanksgivings. But alas, we cannot divest ourselves of the flesh, which impedes and mars our worship; and which, in a few hours, becomes weary under the most exalted spiritual privileges. Above all, have we to lament the remaining depravity which works within us — begetting unbelief, coldness, and deadness — distracting the thoughts even in the most solemn acts of worship — and rendering, at times, the most appropriate means of grace, inefficient. What believer has not groaned over this cause of misimproved Sabbaths?

Waterbury, Jared-Meditations And Prayers Gbk
Waterbury, Jared-Meditations And Prayers Gbk
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CoxDR {Baptist}- The Seven Sayings of Christ on the Cross


crossThis work is a simple examination of the Seven Last Sayings of Jesus on the Cross. I look at concepts, like forgineness, salvation afection, anguish, suffering, victory, and contentment. These are based on Luke 23:34, 43, John 19:26-27; Mat 27:46 and Mark 15:34; John 19:28, 30; Luke 23:46.

AIM: Baptist, David Cox.
CIM: Christology, Cross.
Version: 1.1 June 16, 2014

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Cox-seven-sayings-on-cross(cross){baptist} Gbk
Cox-seven-sayings-on-cross(cross){baptist} Gbk
Version: 1
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Warfield, Benjamin B. – Faith & Life

Faith and Life

Benjamin Breckinridge Warfield

Table of Contents

The Cause of God – 1 Kings 19:9

Old Testament Religion – Psalm 51:12

The Wrath of Man – Psalm 76:10

For Christ’s Sake – Matt 5:11

This- and Other-Worldliness – Matt 6:33

Light and Shining – Mark 4:31-35

Childlikeness – Mark 10:15

The Glory of the Word – John 1:1

Looking to Men – John 5:44

A Half-learned Christ – John 6:68-69

A Half-learned Christ – John 6:68-69 11

Christ’s Prayer for His People – John 17:15

The Outpouring of the Spirit – Acts 2:16, 17

Prayer as a Means of Grace – Acts 9:11

Surrender and Consecration – Acts 22:10

The Summation of the Gospel – Acts 26:18

The Spirit’s Testimony to Our Sonship Rom 8:16

The Spirit’s Help in Our Praying – Rom 8:26, 27

All Things Working Together for Good Rom 8:28

Man’s Husbandry and God’s Bounty – 1 Cor 3:5-9

Communion in Christ’s Body and Blood – 1 Cor 10:16

The Spirit of Faith – 2 Cor 4:13

New Testament Puritanism – 2 Cor 6:11

Paul’s Great Thanksgiving – Eph 1:3-14

Spiritual Strengthening – Eph 3:16

The Fullness of God – Eph 3:19

The Sealing of the Holy Spirit – Eph 4:30

Working Out Salvation (Phil 2:12, 13)

The Alien Righteousness – Phil 3:9

Peace With God – Phil 4:7

The Heritage of the Saints in Light – Col 1:12

The Hidden Life – Col 3:1-4

Entire Sanctification – 1 Thess 5:23, 24

The Mystery of Godliness – 1 Tim 3:16

The Inviolate Deposit – 1 Tim 6:20, 21

The Way of Life – Titus 3:4-9

The Eternal Gospel – 2 Tim 1:9, 10

Communion with Christ –2 Tim 2:11-13

Prayer as a Practice – James 5:16

God’s Holiness and Ours – 1 Pet 1:15

Childship to God – 1 Jno 2:28


Warfield, Benjamin B  - Faith & Life1 Gbk
Warfield, Benjamin B - Faith & Life1 Gbk
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