Talmadge, DeWitt – Around the Tea Table

At breakfast we have no time to spare, for the duties of the day are clamoring for attention; at the noon-day dining hour some of the family are absent; but at six o’clock in the evening we all come to the tea-table for chit-chat and the recital of adventures. We take our friends in with us—the more friends, the merrier. You may imagine that the following chapters are things said or conversations indulged in, or papers read, or paragraphs, made up from that interview. We now open the doors very wide and invite all to come in and be seated around the tea-table.
T. DEW. T.
Talmadge, DeWitt - Around The Tea Table (wlue777) Gbk
Talmadge, DeWitt - Around The Tea Table (wlue777) Gbk
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Mercer {Anglican}-Bible Characters


This is a 31 chapter work on various OT and NT Bible Characters. Reade was an Anglican writer, basically writing about non-biblical subjects.

AIM: Anglican, Mercer.
CIM: Bible Characters.
Version: 1.1 June 16, 2014
Hours Editing: 1 hrs 45 min.

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Mercer-bible-characters(bibchara){anglican} Gbk
Mercer-bible-characters(bibchara){anglican} Gbk
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Anstey {Congregationalist}- How to Master Bible


This work is a fifteen chapters long with an appendix. In this work Anstey explains several Bible study methods: Synthetic, Parallel, Topical, Typical, Cyclopedic, Microscopic, and Explanatory, which take up chapter 4 in 7 subdivisions.

AIM: Congregationalist
CIM: Bibliology, Interpretation-Understanding.

Version: 1.1 June 10, 2014

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Anstey-how-to-master-the-bible(bibliology){congregationalist} Gbk
Anstey-how-to-master-the-bible(bibliology){congregationalist} Gbk
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Bowman, Hetty – Life, its Duties and Discipline

Life — its Duties and Discipline

Hetty Bowman, 1861


It is with feelings of very deep gratitude for the success already granted, that a Third Edition of ‘Life, its Duties and Discipline,’ is now offered to the Christian Public. The writer owes them sincere thanks for the favor with which they have received her little work; and would now only beg their prayers, that it may be made the means of leading some wanderer to the fold of the Good Shepherd; and of strengthening, stimulating, and comforting some fellow-pilgrim to the “rest that remains.”

It is offered to the younger members of her own gender; sent forth in the Savior’s name, and prayerfully entrusted to the guidance of His Spirit. May the great Head of the Church condescend to bless it — and to Him shall be all the glory!

Bowman, Hetty - Life, Its Duties And Discipline (wlue777) Gbk
Bowman, Hetty - Life, Its Duties And Discipline (wlue777) Gbk
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Bounds, E.M. – Purpose in Prayer

Purpose in Prayer

Purpose in Prayer
By EM Bounds

There are 13 chapters in this work.

Purpose in Prayer is another treasure from Edward Bounds on prayer. Bounds, an admired spiritual guide, describes the purpose behindprayer and not simply the purpose of prayer. He focuses on an individual’s purpose in prayer; for one can understand the purpose of prayer, but not see the purpose in one’s own prayers. Thus, Bounds attempts to encourage believers to not simply see the purpose of prayer, but to see that purpose in their own personal, private prayers. Throughout, Bounds frequently quotes other Christian thinkers, adding support and insight into his points about prayer. Composed of twelve short chapters, Purpose in Prayer is a rewarding book on prayer.

Tim Perrine
CCEL Staff Writer ccel.org

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Bounds, E.M. - Purpose in Prayer
Bounds, E.M. - Purpose in Prayer
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James, J.A. – Jewels (8 volumes) devotional

Devotional derived from Jewels (8 volumes)


The religion which God demands

Never forget, my dear friends, that
the religion which
God demands
of you, and delights in and will accept,
is a religion of the hearta religion of . . .
penitence and faith in Christ,
love to God,
hope of heaven,
hatred of sin,
charity to man;
all existing in the soul as so many godly affections,
called forth in the actions of a holy life, and rendered
vocal in words of prayer and praise.

Courtesy gracegems.org

James-Jewels Dev
James-Jewels Dev
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Plumer, William S. – Theology for the People

Biblical Doctrine, Plainly Stated

By William S. Plumer, 1875
1. Theology

2. Reason and Revelation

3. Divine Truth Excellent, though often Mysterious

4. Short Explanations of Some Terms

5. The Word of God

6. Names and Titles of God

7. The Attributes of God

8. The Trinity

9. Creation

10. Providence

11. Man a Sinner

12. Though man is a Sinner, yet he may be Saved

13. Christ the Son of God and the Son of Man

14. Christ the Mediator

15. Christ a Prophet, Priest, and King

16. The Glory of Christ in his Offices

17. Men must accept Christ and believe the Gospel

18. Repentance

19. A Change of Heart

20. Justification

21. Sanctification

22. Prayer

23. God’s Law

24. God’s Law—Second Table

25. A Profession of Religion

26. How Saints are kept

27. Death

28. The Resurrection

29. The Judgment

30. Heaven

31. Hell

32. How To Use The Bible


Bounds, E.M. – Prayer and Praying Men

Prayer and Praying Men

Praying MenPrayer and Praying Men
by E.M. Bounds

Bound’s work of Prayer and Praying men examines how prayer and the man of God in ministry works. This work specifically takes several great men of God and looks at how they had lives of prayer, communion with God, and were talk by God and through prayer.

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Bounds, E.M. - Prayer and Praying Men
Bounds, E.M. - Prayer and Praying Men
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