Table of ContentsTable of Contents1. Isaac and Ishmael      2. Joseph 3. Moses 4. Samuel 5. David 6. The Widow’s Son 7. The Little Captive Maid8. Josiah9- The Holy Child Jesus10. Little Children Brought to Jesus11. The Ruler’s Daughter12 .Timothy

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Stanley, C. – Way the Lord hath Led Me

00c Contents
Chapter 1.
Nothing to read but the Bible. — Trying to Reform. — Conversion. — Need of Fellowship. — First Sermon on Joh_3:16. — Early Life. — Visit to the Old Butler. — Remove to Sheffield. — No advance in divine knowledge. — Hear of the Second Coming of Christ
Chapter 2.
A Room opened for Preaching. — Captain W. — Found out our ignorance. — Captain W. charged with error. — Testing him with Syllogisms proved my own folly. — A great change in the current of my course. — Visit to those who were gathered round the Lord Jesus. — Gathered to the Lord’s Table. — Led to read 2 Corinthians 1, but read by another. — Real Guidance of the Spirit. — My second start in preaching. — God blesses His Word, though we are ignorant. — Visited many Towns
Chapter 3.
A preacher and a man of business. — Two cases of my need met by God. — God cares for our temporal things. — The lost dinner. — Led to go where the Lord directs, and found fruit after many years. — Sent to Scarborough. — Expenses paid. — A collision on the way. — Met at the Terminus, though unknown. — Call to preach on a Steamer. — A Sermon, twenty miles long. — Many Saved
Chapter 4.
Committing children to the Lord in faith. — The Lame Captain. — Sent to Scarborough, when there was no one else to preach. — The full gospel much needed. — The Lord’s bag. — The work began at York. — Preaching at the funeral of a Roman Catholic. — Lecture on the Signs of the Times. — An After Meeting in a cottage. — T. S. sent to York, and then W. T.
Chapter 5.
First visit to Southport — Lecture, on the “Second Coming of the Lord”. — J. H.’s prayer answered. — Good to be afflicted. — Went to Wath-on-Dearne. — Lydia M. and her house blessed. — Preaching at the Pottery, and many saved. — The Railway Tracts. — Other Tracts followed. — “Mephibosheth” especially blessed. — The dying Shepherd in Australia. — “Victory” on board ship. — The Hindoo and Mahometan. — The dying Infidel.
Chapter 6.
Looking for guidance daily. — The Bell-man at Wootton-under-Edge. — Preaching at Llandudno. — Diagram on the Lord’s Coming. — The Revivals. — A ton of tracts asked for America. — Meetings at Birmingham. — Faith answered at Stafford. — Meeting at Leamington. — Unitarian lady
Chapter 7.
Preaching in London. — At John Street Chapel. — The old Prodigal. — In the eastern counties. — Ipswich, Needham Market, Stowmarket, Norwich, Bury St. Edmunds. — The Lord’s special leadings. — At Sudbury
Chapter 8.
Preaching at York. — At Bradford and Rochdale. — Joh_5:24 and Act_13:38. — What more can an anxious soul want? — Early and after meetings. — The greatest sinner in Exeter. — One blessed at six in the morning. — After meetings. — Leadings of the Spirit real. — A case in point.
Chapter 9.
Direct answers to prayer. — Led to Leeds, and preserved from danger. — Danger in Sheffield from the Roman Catholics. — The Church of Rome in the year 60. — The Roman Catholics in Glasgow gladly hear the preaching.
Chapter 10.
Visit to a village in the Yorkshire Moors. — Need of faith. — Preached at the Moravian Settlement at Fulneck. — Peace with God, and no Condemnation. — Preaching tour in Yorkshire. — Call to an old woman blessed. — An aged relative
Chapter 11.
Encouragement to young Evangelists. — The three aged Saints. — An old man in a grey coat at Bournemouth. — One great secret of success in preaching. — Servants of Christ, not of men. — Lectures and preachings in a colliery district. — Many helped. — Meet for breaking of bread. — Decay. — Scattering
Chapter 12.
Help from a life’s experience. — Study of the Epistle to the Romans. — Love alone not enough. — What God is and what He has done. — Dependence on the Holy Spirit. — Deliverance. — Searching the Scriptures as to the Second Coming of Christ
Chapter 13.
The Church the body of Christ. — Is this held truth? — Separation from evil. — Guidance from Scripture in days of difficulty. — The ministry of John commended. — Dates of the Epistles. — Errors in the Church. — The Word of God a sure guide
Chapter 14.
How to walk in days of evil. — The Word of God. — Righteousness of God. — Righteousness of Christ and Redemption. — In Christ

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Stanley-C -The-Way-the-Lord-hath-Led-Me-wlue777 Gbk
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1. To Peter,
2. Prince of the Apostles,
3. The Rock of the Church,
4. Against Which the Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail,
5. The Bearer of the Keys,
6. The Binder and Looser On Earth and in Heaven,
7. The Confirmer of His Brethren,
8. The Shepherd of the Fold.

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Bouvières, Jeanne Marie – A Short Method Of Prayer And Spiritual Torrents

Jeanne Marie Bouvières – A Short Method Of Prayer And Spiritual Torrents

This is a 19 chapter work on prayer, Methodology. Chapters are short.

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Bouvières, Jeanne Marie - A Short Method Of Prayer And Spiritual Torrents Gbk
Bouvières, Jeanne Marie - A Short Method Of Prayer And Spiritual Torrents Gbk
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