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Kulp, George – Departed Lord

Sermon 1: The Departed Lord
Sermon 2: Masters of Circumstances
Sermon 3: Gather Not My Soul with Sinners
Sermon 4: According to Works
Sermon 5: Thus Saith the Lord
Sermon 6: Practical Regeneration
Sermon 7: Having No Hope
Sermon 8: Purity and Power
Sermon 9: Be Ye Ready
Sermon 10: Wrath Revealed
Sermon 11: Lying to God
Sermon 12: The Second Death
Sermon 13: Dwell Deep
Sermon 14: Hell a Place and a State
Sermon 15: After This
Sermon 16: Three Wonderful Days

Kulp, George - Departed Lord Gbk
Kulp, George - Departed Lord Gbk
1.2 MiB

Chafer {Congregationalist}- He that is Spiritual


A study on what is the biblical picture of a spiritual person. He looks at the three classes of men (natural, carnal, spiritual), and the ministries of the Spirit, the filling of the Spirit that gives true spirituality, “Grieve not the Spirit”, “Quench not the Spirit”, “Walk in the Spirit”, analogy and conclusion.

Chafer-he-that-is-spiritual Gbk
Chafer-he-that-is-spiritual Gbk
237.0 KiB

Bavinck {Reformed}- Meditations before and after Admittance to the Table of the Lord


This is a 11 chapter work on meditations before and after the Lord’s Table.

AIM: Calvinist-Reformed, Bavinck.
CIM: Church-Ecclesiology, Lord’s Supper.
Version: 1.1 July 4, 2014

Bavinck-meditations-before-and-after-comunion(dcox) Gbk
Bavinck-meditations-before-and-after-comunion(dcox) Gbk
192.0 KiB