Coffin {Presbyterian}- Some Christian Convictins

By H.S. Coffin and A.W. Vernon

Introduction—Some Movements of Thought in the Nineteenth Century Which Have Affected Christian Beliefs 1.
Chapter 1. Religion 23.
Chapter 2. The Bible 49.
Chapter 3. Jesus Christ 78.
Chapter 4. God 118.
Chapter 5. The Cross 140.
Chapter 6. The New Life—Individual and Social 160.
Chapter 7. The Church 181.
Chapter 8. The Christian Life Everlasting 205.



Plumer {Baptist}- Assurance of Grace and Salvation


In this single chapter book, Plumer examines what is the assurance of grace and Salvation. His three divisions are
1) What it is?
2) How to Attain it.
3) Why more do not enjoy it.

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CIM: Salvation, Eternal Security.
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anon-101 Reasons Proving Eternal Security


This is a brief 1 chapter work with 101 reasons proving eternal security. I have read through parts of this work, and some of them are hard to link as a reason for eternal security in my estimation. I reproduce this for your use.

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Broadus {Baptist}- On the Preparation and Delivery of Sermons


This is a shorter (five chapter) work on sermon preparation by Baptist Theological Seminary professor, John Broadus. His point of view in this work is to look at “great preachers” through the ages in different groups and make comments on them.

AIM: Baptist, Broadus.
CIM: Sermons, Preparation.
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Well, the theWord module depository website is back up. You should read all of this post. I have taken the time the website has been down, and I have prayed about this ministry and decided to make a drastic change in the website and module Library. These changes are effective immediately. Economically, I cannot invest my time and energy into the website (especially at the pace I have been working lately) without some kind financial remuneration. I am sorry that I cannot make my ministry here totally free (some will still be free though), but I have expenses, and our missionary ministry is not providing us with any extra (not even enough for the bare essentials anymore) to pay for this ministry. The choice was to taken everything down and shut down the web hosting and domains, or to charge, so I am charging. Sorry if that inconveniences some people. If you want these modules and don’t have funds, please write me explaining your situation, and I will most probably help you some way.

I took down the website in March 2014 because of serious problems with some of the software on the website. While down and fixing this, I decided to review the modules and find “those few” modules with poor formatting, and fix them also. That “opened up a can of worms” because most modules needed reformatting. Continue reading


Bonar A {Presbyterian}- The Twelve Tribes (1866)


A 12 chapter work by Andrew Bonar on the Twelve sons of Jacob. Originally published as a serial for The Scattered Nation, in 1866, this is a most interesting series on the tribes of Israel. Note that there is no comments on the tribe of Gad in this work.


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