McGarvey, J.W. – Four-Fold Gospel and Acts





A Harmony of the Gospels

Resulting in a complete chronological life of Christ, divided into titled sections and sub-divisions, with comments injected in the text; especially designed for the use of Sunday-school teachers and advanced pupils.

President J. W. McGARVEY, LL. D.



Four-Fold Gospel - Acts Cmt
Four-Fold Gospel - Acts Cmt
Four-Fold Gospel - Acts.cmt.twm
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Fereday, W.W. – Elisha, the Prophet.

00f Foreword
The Scriptures abound with records of the lives of saints who have gone before us. These are “written for our learning” (
Rom 15:4), and God would have us ponder what His Spirit has written concerning them. We are apt, however, to move in a world of unreality as we read these records. It is meant by this that we are apt to think of the worthies of old time as persons cast in an altogether different mould to ourselves. We are expressly guarded against this inJas 5:17. There we are told concerning one of the mightiest of the prophets that “Elias was a man subject to like passions as we are.” Therefore we dare not excuse ourselves if we discover upon examination that we are living upon a lower spiritual plane than the saints of Bible times. What was possible for them in the way of suffering and testimony is possible for us also. It is simply a question of faith in God.
Some may wonder why neither Elijah nor Elisha have a place in
Heb 11:1-40. The reason is that “Hebrews” is a wilderness epistle and it contemplates the saints as pilgrims ever on the move towards the rest of God. Thus the writer traces the working of faith in various individuals until Israel eat red the land. Then he ceases to particularize, for the Spirit’s end had been attained.
The Lord grant that these meditations upon Elisha the prophet may yield spiritual profit to many.

Fereday, W W - Elisha, The Prophet .gbk
Fereday, W W - Elisha, The Prophet .gbk
Fereday, W.W. - Elisha, the Prophet..gbk.twm
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Notes on Joshua.

By J. G. Bellett.
An outline study of the book of Joshua.


Joshua Set in Office
Joshua 1
The Passages of the Jordan Joshua 5
Jericho and Ai Joshua 9
The Conquest of the Land Joshua 22
Joshua’s Last Words

“Our fathers had the tabernacle of witness in the wilderness . . which also our fathers that came after brought in with Jesus (Joshua) into the possession of the Gentiles, whom God drave out before the face of our fathers.” Acts 7. 44-45.


Bellett-notes-on-joshua Gbk
Bellett-notes-on-joshua Gbk
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Showers on the Grass.

Being a few brief letters & papers, addressed to C. E. M. Paul, of Exeter,
by the late J. G. Bellett, of Dublin. This work is basicly 34 personal letters from Bellett.
London: G. Morrish, 24, Warwick Lane, Paternoster Row, E. C.

“My doctrine shall drop as the rain, my speech shall distil as the dew, as the small rain upon the tender herb, and as the showers upon the grass.” Deut. 32:2.


Bellett-showers-on-the-grass Gbk
Bellett-showers-on-the-grass Gbk
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Paul’s Apostleship and Epistles.

By J. G. Bellett.

This is a 31 chapter survey of Paul’s writings, with some additional 17 chapters on related topics.


1 Pledges of Israel’s Restoration

2 A Testimony to Israel

3 The Conversion of Paul

4 New Ministries Called Forth

5 Successive Stages in Revelation

6 The Apostleship of Paul

7 The Son Revealed in Saints

8 Paul’s Stewardship

9 Life, Love and Glory

10 Paul’s Gospel

11 Paul’s Ministry

12 Christ, the Head of the Church

13 Gifts to the Church

14 The Holy Spirit’s Presence

15 Responsibility in Ministry

16 Paul, a Representative Man

17 The Rapture into Heaven

18 Paul’s General Epistles

19 Romans

20 1 Corinthians

21 2 Corinthians

22 Galatians

23 Ephesians

24 Philippians

25 Colossians

26 1 and 2 Thessalonians

27 The Pastoral Epistles

28 1 Timothy

29 2 Timothy

30 Titus

31 Hebrews


Bellett-pauls-apostleship-and-epistles Gbk
Bellett-pauls-apostleship-and-epistles Gbk
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Pink-A-Gleanings in Genesis


Gleaning in Genesis

by Arthur W. Pnk




1. Creation and Restoration.

2. Christ in Genesis 1.

3. Two Trees.

4. The Fall.

5. The Fall, continued.

6. The Fall, concluded.

7. Cain and Abel.

8. Cain and Abel, continued.

9. Enoch.

10. Noah.

11. The Flood.

12. Noah a Type of Christ.

13. The Typology of the Ark.

14. God

15. Noah

16. Nimrod and the Tower of Babel.

17. The Call of Abraham.

18. Abraham and Lot.

19. Abraham and Melchizedek.

20. Abraham

21. Abraham and Hagar.

22. Abraham at Ninety and Nine.

23. Abraham at Gerar.

24. Abraham

25. The Birth of Isaac.

26. The Offering Up of Isaac.

27. The Man Isaac.

28. Isaac Blessing His Sons.

29. The Man Jacob.

30. Jacob at Padan-Aram.

31. Jacob at Padan-Aram, continued.

32. Jacob

33. Jacob at Mahanaim.

34. Jacob at Peniel.

35. Jacob Meeting Esau.

36. Jacob at Bethel Again.

37. The Sunset of Jacob

38. Jacob

39. Jacob

40. Joseph As a Youth.

41. Joseph Betrayed by His Brethren.

42. Joseph in Egypt.

43. Joseph

44. Joseph the Savior of the World.

45. Joseph and His Brethren, Dispensationally Considered.

46. Joseph and His Brethren, Evangelically Considered.

Pink-A-Gleanings In Genesis Top
Pink-A-Gleanings In Genesis Top
Pink-A-Gleanings in
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Pink, Arthur – Gleanings from Paul

Gleanings from Paul

by Arthur Pink


1. Prayer and Praise

2. Instruction in Prayer

3. Prayer in Hope

4. Prayer for Peace.

5. Prayer for Insight

6. Prayer for Weaker Brothers

7. Prayer Concerning Tribulation

8. Prayer in Affliction

9. Prayer of Benediction

10. Prayer of Gratitude

11. Prayer for Faith and Knowledge

12. Prayer for Understanding

13. Prayer for Spiritual Apprehension

14. Prayer for Appreciation of Christ

15. Prayer of Adoration

16. Prayer for Inner Strength

17. Prayer for Christ-centeredness

18. Prayer for Comprehension of God

19. Prayer of Doxology

20. Prayer for Discerning Love

21. Prayer for Fruits of Righteousness

22. Prayer for a Worthy Walk

23. Prayer for Long-suffering

24. Prayer for Joy and Thankfulness.

25. Prayer for Brotherly Love

26. Prayer for Sanctification of the Young Saints

27. Prayer for Persevering Grace: Occasion and Importunity

28. Prayer for Persevering Grace: Petition, Design, Accomplishment

29. Prayer for Comfort and Stability

30. Prayer for Love Toward God

31. Prayer for Patience

32. Prayer of Worship

33. Paul

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Pink-A-Gleanings From Paul Top
Pink-A-Gleanings From Paul Top
Pink-A-Gleanings from
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