Cox, David – Understanding the Bible Doctrine of the Trinity

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Understanding the Bible Doctrine of the Trinity by David Cox

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Cox-David-Understanding the Bible Doctrine of the Trinity DCox Gbk
Cox-David-Understanding the Bible Doctrine of the Trinity DCox Gbk
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Miller, J.R.-Miller’s Year Book

A verse of Scripture in the morning, may become a blessing for all the day. It may sing in the heart as a sweet song, from morning until evening. It may become a liturgy of prayer in which the soul shall voice its deepest needs and hungers comforter breathing peace in sorrow.

Note this is arranged in a monthly format.

Miller, J.R.-Miller's Year Book
Miller, J.R.-Miller's Year Book
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Wiseman {Methodist}- Biblical Perfection

Biblical Perfection

By Peter Wiseman
AIM: Methodist, Peter Wiseman.
CIM: Salvation, Sanctification.
Version: October 10, 2014

The Wesleyian tradition is that of Methodism. The basic concept here is that there is a usable “method” by which you can become holy. John Wesley promoted this along with the concept that perfection was fully possible on this side of glory. Perfectionism means that we can become sinless before our death. While all would fully agree that the Bible’s teaching is that we should strive to be holy, not all agree on the degree of total perfection (or sinless perfection) before one’s death. Wiseman presents this view.


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Miller, J.R.-Making the Most of Life

Making the Most of Life

by J. R. Miller, 1891

Part 1

1. Making the Most of Life

2. Laid on God’s Altar

3. Christ’s Interest in Our Common Life

4. The Possibilities of Prayer

5. Getting Christ’s Touch

6. The Blessing of a Burden

7. Heart-peace Before Ministry

8. Moral Curvatures

9. Transfigured Lives

10. the Interpretation of Sorrow

11. Other People

12. The Blessing of Faithfulness

Part 2

13. Without Axe or Hammer

14. Doing Things for Christ

15. Helping and Over-helping

16. The Only One

17. Swiftness in Duty

18. The Shadows We Cast

19. The Meaning of Opportunities

20. The Sin of Ingratitude

21. Some Secrets of Happy Home Life

22. God’s Winter Plants

23. Unfinished Life-building

24. Iron Shoes for Rough Roads

25. The Shutting of Doors


Miller, J.R.-Making the Most of Life
Miller, J.R.-Making the Most of Life
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Arthur, Timothy Shay – Danger! Or, Wounded in the House of a Friend!

All efforts at eradicating evil must, to be successful, begin as near the beginning as possible. It is easier to destroy a weed when but an inch above the ground, than after it has attained a profuse growth and set its hundred rootlets in the soil. Better if the evil seed were not sown at all; better if the ground received only good seed into its fertile bosom. How much richer and sweeter would be the harvest!

Bars and drinking-saloons are, in reality, not so much the causes, as the effects of intemperance. The chief causes lie back of these, and are to be found in our homes. Bars and drinking-saloons minister to, stimulate and increase the appetite already formed, and give accelerated speed to those whose feet have begun to move along the road to ruin.

In “Three Years in a Man-trap” I have uncovered the terrible evils of the liquor traffic; in this book, I go deeper, and unveil the more hidden sources of that widespread ruin which is cursing our land. From the public licensed saloon, where liquor is sold to men private home saloon, where it is given away in unstinted measure to guests of both sexes and of all ages, and seek to show in a series of swiftly-moving panoramic scenes, the dreadful consequences that flow therefrom.

This book is meant by the author to be a startling cry of “DANGER!” Different from “THE MAN-TRAP,” as dealing with another aspect of the temperance question, its pictures are wholly unlike those presented in that book, but none the less vivid or intense. It is given as an argument against what is called the temperate use of liquor, and as an exhibition of the fearful disasters that flow from our social drinking customs. In making this argument and exhibition, the author has given his best effort to the work.


Arthur, Timothy Shay - Danger!
Arthur, Timothy Shay - Danger!
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Fawcett, John – Christ Precious to Those Who Believe

Christ Precious to Those Who Believe

The preciousness of Jesus Christ, to those who believe — practically considered and improved. by John Fawcett

“It is my earnest wish that this little book may be of service to enkindle and promote devout affection to Christ, in those who may peruse it.”

“Yes, He is very precious to you who believe!”
1 Peter 2:7


Chapter I. Introductory Remarks

Chapter II. The CHARACTER of the people, to whom Christ is precious


Chapter III. The EVIDENCE believers give, that Christ is precious to them

Section 1. They trust their everlasting concerns in his hands

Section 2. They delight to think of him, to hear of him, and to speak of him

Section 3. They are grateful for the benefits they receive from him

Section 4. They prefer him to every other object, and give him the chief place in their affections

Section 5. They sincerely desire his presence, and long to enjoy intimate communion with him

Section 6. They are concerned that others may know and love him

Section 7. They are grieved when he is dishonored

Section 8. They are ready to deny themselves for him

Section 9. They are distressed by their lack of conformity to his blessed image and holy will

Section 10. They adhere to him in all conditions

Section 11. They are concerned to make his glory the chief end of their actions

Section 12. They long to be with him


Chapter IV. In what WAYS Jesus Christ is precious to those who believe

Section 1. His History is precious to them

Section 2. His Person is precious to them

Section 3. His Names are precious to them

Section 4. His Offices and Characters are precious to them

Section 5. His Blood and Righteousness are precious to them


Section 6. His Love is precious to them

Section 7. His Throne is precious to them

Section 8. His Doctrine is precious to them

Section 9. His Promises are precious to them

Section 10. His Commands are precious to them

Section 11. His Ways are precious to them

Section 12. His People are precious to them

Section 13. His Interests are precious to them

Section 14. His Day and his House are precious to them

Section 15. His Benefits are precious to them

Section 16. His Chastisements are precious to them

Section 17. His Example is precious to them


Chapter 5. Practical improvement of the subject




Fawcett, John - Christ Precious to Those Who Believe (wlue777).gbk
Fawcett, John - Christ Precious to Those Who Believe (wlue777).gbk
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