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Berkhof, Louis – Introduction to the New Testament

It has been my constant endeavor in writing this book, to make it a work that would introduce the students to the books of the New Testament, as they have in fact been transmitted to the Church, and not as some critic or other would have them be. Hence critical questions, though not disregarded, do not loom as large on its pages as they often do in works on Introduction; the positive constructive element has a decided precedence over the apologetic; and the human factor that operated in the origin and composition of the Scriptures, is not studied to the neglect of the divine.-Louis Berkhof.


Berkhof, Louis - Introduction To The New Testament (DCox) Gbk
Berkhof, Louis - Introduction To The New Testament (DCox) Gbk
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Berkhof, Louis – Sermons


Christian Amusements

The Character and Influence
of Good and Bad Literature


The Choice of One’s Companions

The Work of Missions

The Work of Christian Charity

Is the Union of All Churches Desirable?

Roger Williams

Is the Pulpit More Influential than the Press?

The Christian and War

Does the State Have the Right to Compel

Berkhof, Louis - Sermons Gbk
Berkhof, Louis - Sermons Gbk
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Berkhof, Louis – Sanctification


by Louis Berkhof

  • Part I: The Scriptural Terms for Sanctification and Holiness
  • Part II: The Doctrine of Sanctification in History
  • Part III: The Biblical Idea of Holiness and Sanctification
  • Part IV: The Nature of Sanctification
  • Part V: The Characteristics of Sanctification
  • Part VI: The Author and Means of Sanctification
  • Part VII: Relation of Sanctification to Other Stages in the Ordo Salutis
  • Part VIII: The Imperfect Character of Sanctification in This Life
  • Part IX: Sanctification and Good Works



Berkhof, Louis - Sanctification (wlue777) Gbk
Berkhof, Louis - Sanctification (wlue777) Gbk
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Everard, George – Talks about Home Life (wlue777)

The following pages were written with an earnest desire to increase the happiness, and advance the spiritual welfare of English households. Published originally in another form, I trust they may be still more useful in a permanent shape. I have endeavored to aid each member of the home. There is a word for the children, the young people, and those more advanced in life. I have endeavored to point out special dangers and temptations, and also to suggest from God’s Word the means by which they may be overcome.

The incidents and illustrations employed have mostly been drawn from twenty-five years’ experience in the ministry, and may make it still more profitable to guide the faithful and true-hearted servant who wishes to do his Lord’s will.

I commend the book to Him who alone can build up our families in faith and goodness, and keep them from snares on the right hand and on the left.

“Unless the LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain.” Psalm 127:1


Everard, George - Talks About Home Life (wlue777) Gbk
Everard, George - Talks About Home Life (wlue777) Gbk
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