Stalker- The Seven Deadly Sins

Stalker- The Seven Deadly Sins by James Stalker, Version 2, stalker-seven-deadly-sins.gbk_.twm (75.0 KiB) - CONTENTS:
1.) Pride
2.) Avarice
3.) Luxury
4.) Envy
5.) Appetite
6.) Anger
7.) Sloth
Note: Delete version 1 (same name) if you have it.

Rossier, H L – Job’s Three Questions And Their Answers

Rossier, H L - Job's Three Questions And Their Answers by Rossier, H.L., Version 1, Rossier-H.L.-Jobs-Three-Questions-and-Their-Answers-wlue777.gbk_.twm (137.0 KiB) - The First Question, "Wherefore was I born?"
The Second Question, "How can man be just with God?"
The Third Question, "If a man die shall he live again?"

Austin-Sparks-Gods Interest in Man

Austin-Sparks-Gods Interest in Man by Austin-Sparks, Theodore, Version 1, austin-sparks-gods-interest-in-man©evangelismholiness.gbk_.twm (161.0 KiB) - 1 - God's Supreme Interest in Man
2 - The Pattern and the Purpose
3 - The Crisis of Being Renewed
4 - The Exclusiveness and Inclusiveness of Christ