aBrakel-Christians Reasonable Service (Doctrine)

4 Volume Classic on Doctrine by the Reformer W.A. aBrakel

This is an older doctrinal work, think Puritan or early American history. The writing is clear and easy to read, but it is from previous years, and is not “modern” per say.

Personally when I do word searches through my database, and I come across hits in Brakel, I usually take the time to read them. They are mini-commentaries that have extremely good gems in them. This work is massive by the way. To just read straight through it would take you a while. The topics dealt with are not so easily discerned within the topics (because of the time it was written, maybe it would be clearer if we lived in that time) but the actual material in it is full of gold. This is a must have for my library.

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ABrakel-christians-reasonable-service Gbk Twm
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