Abbott, Gorman – Family at Home

Abbott was an American clergyman, educator, and author, working in the textbook area, and at Mount Vernon School for Girls in Boston. He worked with the American Tract Society, and was a Presbyterian pastor.

Machen, J. Gresham – On The Deity of Christ

In Machen’s work on the Deity of Christ, he looks at what it is, what does the Bible teach about it, the Sermon on the Mount, what Jesus said about himself, the Supernatural Christ, the resurrection, the testimony of Paul.

Bryan – The Deity of Christ

This is a very short 1 chapter module by the famous constitutional lawyer, William Jennings Bryan (Presbyterian). In this work he defends the deity of Christ. Byran is known for his attacks against evolution and defending Creationism, as well his his politican efforts against alcohol, as well as a run for president of the United States.