Jowett J H {Congregationalist}- A Passion for Souls


This is a seven chapter work on discipleship.

AIM: Congregationalist.
CIM: Salvation, Discipleship.
Version: 1.1 June 14, 2014


John Henry Jowett was one of England’s best-loved preachers during the early decades of the 20th century. His warm evangelicalism made him the natural selection for the prominent Westminster Chapel, succeeding G Campbell Morgan and preceeding Dr. D Martyn Lloyd-Jones. The author of more than a dozen titles, The Passion for Souls serves as a poignant introduction to an author you are sure to want to hear more from.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – The Disciple’s Theme
Chapter 2 – The Disciple’s Sacrifice
Chapter 3 – The Disciple’s Tenderness
Chapter 4 – The Disciple’s Watching For Souls
Chapter 5 – The Disciple’s Companion
Chapter 6 – The Disciple’s Rest
Chapter 7 – The Disciple’s Vision
The Passion for Souls – A Review from The Westminster Record by Albert Swift

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