Rice-Steps For New Converts

Dr John R Rice’s small book on new converts, setting out the steps he sees as good for them. Assurance of Salvation, Baptism, Young Children, Prayer Life, and Giving and Soul-Winning (Evangelism).

Rice – Sermons by John R. Rice

19 Sermons by Evangelist John R Rice on subjects like coming to Christ, All Satan’s Apples have worms, The Fullness of the Spirit, Drinking Alcohol, etc.

Reade, Thomas – Christian Retirement

SPIRITUAL EXERCISES OF THE HEART or CHRISTIAN RETIREMENT by Thomas Reade, 1837 Reade, Thomas – Christian Retirement Reade-Thomas-Christian-Retirement-wlue777.gbk_.twm 0.8 MiB 105 Downloads Details Author:Reade, T. Category:Devotional Works Date:September 23, 2015