Stevens, William Bacon – Parables of the New Testament, Practically Unfolded

The Parables of the New Testament, Practically Unfolded William Bacon Stevens, 1857 (Bolded titles are choice!) Stevens- Parables of the NT, Practically Unfolded Stevens-William-Bacon-Parables-of-the-New-Testament-Practically-Unfolded.gbk_.twm Version: 1 1.4 MiB 191 Downloads […]

Cooper, David L. – Messiah in His Historical Appearance

Predictions of Messiahs First Coming Birth of Jesus relating to second coming.

Carradine – Second Blessing in Symbol

The Second Blessing in Symbol is a 29 chapter work by Carradine (Nazarene-Methodist) in which he examines the second blessing in the symbols presented in Scripture. Following the John Wesley-Methodist line of thought, they believe in a second grand event after salvation which is a point of sanctification or perfection. This work describes this event in Symbols.

Gaussen – The Divine Inspiration of the Bible

This work by Louis Gaussen, The Divine Inspiration of the Bible, is translated from German (I think, but from another language). One of the key concepts he treats is the concept of theopneustia, which is the Greek adjective, “God-Breathed” or inspired. He looks at different aspects of the Bible’s inspiration.

Edersheim-The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah

Life and Times takes Jesus the Messiah, and examines the New Testament teaching in light of Jewish history and culture