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A 12 Chapter study on the person of Satan by L.S. Chafer (Dallas Seminary). Chapters run the Career of Satan, ages, course of this age, this age and the Satanic system, the Satanic Host, Satan’s motive and methods, the man of sin, the fatal omission, modern devices, the believer’s present position and present victory.

A 12 Chapter study on the person of Satan by L. S. Chafer (Dallas Seminary). Chapters run the Career of_Satan, ages, course of this age, this age and the Satanic system, the Satanic Host, Satan’s motive and methods, the man of sin, the fatal omission, modern devices, the believer’s present position and present victory.

See our Knowledge Base Articles: Angelology / Satan. (links to more works and short, clear declarations and verses on the subject). Origin and Existence of Satan.

Note: Some versions of this work in e-Sword and from other theWord repository sites leave out a chapter. I have included this extra chapter that they leave out, because I understand it is in the original work.


Satan_By Lewis Sperry Chafer

Summary of Lewis Sperry Chafer’s Satan

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Contents of Lewis Sperry Chafer’s work Satan

Foreword, by Dr. C. I. Scofield (below)
Author’s Introduction (below)
1. The Career of_Satan
2. The Ages
3. The Course of This Age
4. This Age and the Satanic System
5. The Satanic Host
6. Satan’s Motive
7. Satan’s Methods
8. The Man of Sin
9. The Fatal Omission
10. Modern Devices
11. The Believer’s Present Position
12. The Believer’s Present Victory

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Satan is a fallen angel. He is not a god, and he does not even begin to have the abilities and power of God. Understanding Satan is essential in avoiding falling into his devices.

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If any word of mine shall add to the number of the readers of this book I shall be glad to have written it; and I sincerely wish that all believers, and especially all ministers and Christian workers, might in some way be led to read it. The subject is vital to any right understanding of the age in which we live, and of the personal conflict which we wage; for the existence, personality, and power of Satan_are awful facts and of immense present significance. We walk in the midst of his snares, hear on every hand his doctrines proclaimed by men of blameless lives “transformed as the ministers of righteousness,” and are allured by the pleasure, place and power of his perfectly organized world-system. I know of no other book on Satan_in which the dispensational aspects of the subject are so clearly stated,
nor any other so severely Biblical. –CI Scofield


An angel is a messenger, which at times his work extends beyond just delivering a message to accomplishing a task or mission.

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Satan and Demons

Satan rebelled against God and dragged a third of the angels with him by his tail.

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