Irving, R. – Why we insist on Baptism by Immersion

Why we insist on Baptism by Immersion
By Reese Irving

Baptists are often criticized for being so insistent on the proper method of administering Baptism. Many people declare that it is not the method but the spirit of the ordinance that pleases God. Some go so far as to say that it is not a question of what the Bible teaches, but rather, what method have the church leaders approved. Because Baptists are considered narrow and bigoted in their dogmatism they should be ready to give a reason for their stand. We present herewith six reasons for insistence upon immersion as the only proper method of Scriptural Baptism.

1. We Believe That To Be Strong A Church Should Have Definite Doctrinal Standards.
2. We Believe In The Verbal Inspiration Of The Scriptures.
3. We Believe That The Early Church Fathers, Who Lived Near The Apostolic Times, Are Worthy of Our Following.
4. We Believe That Immersion Presents The Message of The Ordinance.
5. We Desire To Be Loyal To The Great Head Of The Church— The Lord Jesus.
6. We Accept The Plain Statements Of The Scriptures.

Irving-Why we Insist on Baptism by Immersion
Irving-Why we Insist on Baptism by Immersion
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