Maclaren Expositions of Holy Scripture Luke

Maclaren Expositions of Holy Scripture Luke

Maclaren Expositions of Holy Scripture Luke


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Contents of Maclaren Expositions of Holy Scripture Luke

Expositions of Holy Scripture: St. Luke Chaps. I to XII

Table of Contents

Elijah Come Again

True Greatness

The Magnificat

Zacharias’s Hymn

The Dayspring from on High

Shepherds and Angels

Was, Is, Is to Come

Simeon’s Swan-song

The Boy in the Temple

John the Preacher of Repentance

John’s Witness to Jesus, and God’s

The Temptation

Preaching at Nazareth

A Sabbath in Capernaum

Instructions for Fishermen

Fear and Faith

Blasphemer, or—Who?

Laws of the Kingdom

Three Condensed Parables

Worthy—Not Worthy

Jesus at the Bier

John’s Doubts and Christ’s Praise

Greatness in the Kingdom

Thwarting God’s Purpose

A Gluttonous Man and a Winebibber

The Two Debtors

Love and Forgiveness

Go into Peace

The Ministry of Women

One Seed and Diverse Soils

Seed among Thorns

A Miracle within a Miracle

Christ to Jairus

Bread from Heaven

‘The Lord that Healeth Thee’

Christ’s Cross and Ours

Prayer and Transfiguration

‘In the Holy Mount’

Christ Hastening to the Cross

Christ’s Messengers: Their Equipment and Work

Neighbours Far Off

How to Pray

The Praying Christ

The Rich Fool

Anxious about Earth, or Earnest about the Kingdom

Stillness in Storm

The Equipment of the Servants

The Servant-Lord

Servants and Stewards Here and Hereafter

Fire on Earth

Expositions of Holy Scripture: Volume II: St. Luke Chaps. XIII to XXIV

Table of Contents

True Sabbath Observance

The Strait Gate

Christ’s Message to Herod

The Lessons of a Feast

Excuses not Reasons

The Rash Builder

‘That Which Was Lost’

The Prodigal and His Father

Gifts to the Prodigal

The Follies of the Wise

Two Kinds of Riches

The Gains of the Faithful Steward

Dives and Lazarus

Memory in Another World

God’s Slaves

Where Are the Nine?

Three Kinds of Praying

Entering the Kingdom

The Man that Stopped Jesus

Melted by Kindness

The Trading Servants

The Rewards of the Trading Servants

A New Kind of King

Tenants Who Wanted to Be Owners

Whose Image and Superscription

When Shall These Things Be?

The Lord’s Supper

Parting Promises and Warnings

Christ’s Ideal of a Monarch

The Lonely Christ

A Great Fall and a Great Recovery


The Cross, the Victory and Defeat of Darkness

In the High Priest’s Palace

Christ’ Look

‘The Rulers Take Counsel Together’

A Soul’s Tragedy

Jesus and Pilate

Words from the Cross

The Dying Thief

The First Easter Sunrise

The Living Dead

The Risen Lord’s Self-revelation to Wavering Disciples

Detaining Christ

The Meal at Emmaus

Peter Alone with Jesus

The Triumphant End

Christ’s Witnesses

The Ascension

Maclaren Expositions of Holy Scripture Luke

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Maclaren,- Expositions of Luke Gbk
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