Mahan, Henry – Commentary on Jude

Mahan, Henry – Commentary on Jude


Lesson  1 Jud 1:1-3 The Common Salvation

Lesson  2 Jud 1:4-8 Enemies Within The Church

Lesson  3 Jud 1:9-13 Falling Stars and Clouds Without Water

Lesson  4 Jud 1:14-25 Now Unto Him Who Is Able To Keep Us

Henry Mahan, Pastor Thirteenth Street Baptist Church, Ashland, Ky.

Download:  Mahan-Henry-Commentary-on-Jude.gbk_.twm

Mahan, Henry - Commentary On Jude Gbk
Mahan, Henry - Commentary On Jude Gbk
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In this class, Treasury of Scripture Knowledge we show you what is and how to use TSK, Treasury of Scripture Knowledge. This work is simply a commentary of all the verses in the Bible where the author has gone through hundreds if not thousands of English study Bibles, and he has added whatever Bible references each of those Bibles had on that particular verse. As a pastor making sermons, this excellent reference tool within theWord can help you generate a very excellent sermon in a minimum of time and effort. This will leave you with a lot of extra time to pursue illustrations, commentary explanations, making structure and outline of the sermon, etc. It is a God send for preachers, really! Pastor David Cox