Gaebelein Daniel the Prophet

Gaebelein Daniel Prophet

In Gaebelein’s  The Prophet Daniel, he examines the prophetic truths of the Bible, with a view towards their fulfillments. 

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In Gaebelein Daniel Prophet, he examines the prophetic truths of the Bible, with a view towards their fulfillments. For more than half a century evangelist, author, journalist, and Bible expositor Arno C. Gaebelein passionately proclaimed the prophetic truths of the Bible and daily lived with the hope of their fulfillment. With a ministry that bridged two centuries and endured two world wars, Gaebelein never doubted the relevance of the study of prophecy for spiritual growth and for interaction with the chaos of culture. In the midst of the thundering storms of World War I, he encouraged Christians not to despair, for the trials of this world would one day give way to the triumph of Christ.

In 1915 he wrote:

The Lord Jesus Christ is coming back! He may be here at any moment! He may come today! Now this is not a foolish assertion that He will come today. Nor is it the setting of a specific time for Him to come, which would be equally foolish and wrong; yet many do it. It is the sober statement of a fact, to arouse souls from their carelessness and indifference, and point them to the clear testimony of God’s only Word that the Lord Jesus is coming again, and maybe here today (Meat in Due Season, 64).

Concerning this book…

Prophecy is history rewritten. The history of nations, the times of the Gentiles, the present age in which we live, its course and end, the coming glories in a future age—all this and much more God has revealed. But the center of all prophecy is Jesus Christ—his sufferings and glory, his first and second coming.

The book of Daniel, perhaps more than any other, deals with great prophecies—some unfulfilled to this day. In The Prophet Daniel, Gaebelein outlines the trajectory of world history through the prophecy in the book of Daniel. He shows how the past fulfillment of prophecy in Daniel provides added certainty of future fulfillment.

Table of Contents on Gaebelein Daniel the Prophet


Chapter 1. Daniel and His Companions in Babylon
Chapter 2. The Great Prophetic Dream of Nebuchadnezzar
Chapter 3-6. Historical Events


Chapter 7. The Night Visions of Daniel
Chapter 8. The Vision of the Ram and the He-Goat
Chapter 9. The Prophecy of the Seventy Weeks
Chapter 10. Preparation for the Final Prophecy
Chapter 11. The Wars of the Ptolemies and Seleucidae Predicted and the Coming Events of the End
Chapter 12. The Great Tribulation and Israel ‘s Deliverance

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AC Gaebelein
AC Gaebelein

Arno Clemens Gaebelein (August 27, 1861 – December 1945) was a Methodist minister in the United States. He was a prominent teacher and conference speaker. He was also the father of the educator and philosopher of Christian education Frank E. Gaebelein.

Being a dispensationalist, he was a developer of the movement in its early days. Two of his books, Revelation, an Analysis and Exposition and Current Events in the Light of the Bible explain the dispensationalist view of eschatology


Complete Works of Gaebelein (no download)

  • Revelation, and Analysis and Exposition
  • Current Events in the Light of the Bible
  • The Annotated Bible, a commentary on the Old and New Testaments which Gaebelein described as a 'Bible study course'.
  • The Harmony of the Prophetic Word, a key to old testament prophecy concerning things to come. (1903)
  • The Prophet Daniel (1911)
  • The Jewish Question (1912)
  • Christ and Glory (1918)
  • The Healing Question (1925)
  • The Christ We Know (1927)
  • The Conflict of the Ages: The Mystery of Lawlessness: Its Origin, Historic Development and Coming Defeat (1933)
  • The History of the Scofield Reference Bible (1943)
  • The Prophet Ezekiel: an analytical Exposition (1972)
  • Meat In Due Season (nd)
  • The Holy Spirit in the New Testament (nd)

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Gaebelein-The Prophet Daniel
Gaebelein-The Prophet Daniel
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