unknown – A study on Eternal Punishment

A study on Eternal Punishment by unknown author, touching on the topics of Sheol, Hades, Gehenna, Tartarus, the Abyss, Eternity, and persishing, also a rebuttal of Annihilationism, Universalism, Purgatory

the-highway Roman Catholic archives

This theWord module is a whole lot of articles from the-highway.com website on Catholicism. 

Hislop – Two Babylons

Hislop Two Babylons is an extensive work on Roman Catholicism, showing their doctrines and practices.

Boettner – Roman Catholicism

Dr. Boettner’s careful and accurate review of Roman Catholic theology (Roman Catholicism) and his thorough and Biblical refutation of it has long been a masterpiece on the subject. The nineteen chapters cover every aspect of Romish belief and are presented here in five sections for the reader’s convenience. Combined with Hislop’s work, no more comprehensive review and exposure of the errors of Rome, their origin and their significance, exists in print.

Mizzi, Joe – Test All Things

Praying to Mary and the saints? Mary becomes a deity? Earning salvation? Indulgences? Man forgives sin? Joe Mizzi invites you to test what the Catholic Church says against that of the Bible to find the truth.

Piper, K – Errors of the Roman Catholic Church

Keith Piper’ work Errors of the Roman Catholic Church is a short 34 chapter work, in which most chapters are a few paragraphs long. (This was taken from a web page.) It is a survey of the errors of the Roman Catholic Church.